Welcome to my Project 365! Please join me as I document, through photos, each day of this year, from January 22, 2010, my 39th birthday, culminating on January 22, 2011. Yes, the day I turn 40! This blog is my photojournal of my journey through the 39th year of my life ... the last year of my thirties. Along the way I hope to continue to grow my love of photography and immerse myself even further in to this beloved hobby. I intend to learn all I can, both about my cameras and equipment, and about taking great pictures. Most of all, I intend to enjoy the process! I hope you will follow along, and please comment! Your feedback will help me to learn and grow!


~* spring is...springing *~

camera: sony a350
lens: sony 50mm f/1.4


  1. Very nice.. nothing popping up in my yard yet.. I can't wait

  2. You can almost see the determination.

  3. We have flowers popping up around here too! My favorite time of the year...except for Fall of course!

  4. Yaaaay! I have some of these too, just this week really they started coming up. So excited!


Photography is a growing passion of mine. Each day I strive to learn more about my cameras & equipment and about the process of taking great photos. I welcome and encourage your feedback! Your comments can only help me as I develop my photography skills. Thank you!!!