Welcome to my Project 365! Please join me as I document, through photos, each day of this year, from January 22, 2010, my 39th birthday, culminating on January 22, 2011. Yes, the day I turn 40! This blog is my photojournal of my journey through the 39th year of my life ... the last year of my thirties. Along the way I hope to continue to grow my love of photography and immerse myself even further in to this beloved hobby. I intend to learn all I can, both about my cameras and equipment, and about taking great pictures. Most of all, I intend to enjoy the process! I hope you will follow along, and please comment! Your feedback will help me to learn and grow!


~* New toy! *~

camera: sony cybershot, macro setting, no flash


  1. Can't wait to see some of the pictures you take with that lens:) I think you and I would get in alot of trouble going to camera stores! Just another thing we have in common...I love taking pictures too:)

  2. So tell me what is wonderful about this lens!

  3. Sweet.. I know nothing about this stuff... re cameras.. I'm content with my little purse size digital.. LOL call me crazy!

  4. Oh are you going to have fun!!! Enjoy your new lens!!


Photography is a growing passion of mine. Each day I strive to learn more about my cameras & equipment and about the process of taking great photos. I welcome and encourage your feedback! Your comments can only help me as I develop my photography skills. Thank you!!!