Welcome to my Project 365! Please join me as I document, through photos, each day of this year, from January 22, 2010, my 39th birthday, culminating on January 22, 2011. Yes, the day I turn 40! This blog is my photojournal of my journey through the 39th year of my life ... the last year of my thirties. Along the way I hope to continue to grow my love of photography and immerse myself even further in to this beloved hobby. I intend to learn all I can, both about my cameras and equipment, and about taking great pictures. Most of all, I intend to enjoy the process! I hope you will follow along, and please comment! Your feedback will help me to learn and grow!


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Well, its here! Today is my 40th birthday!

I obviously didn't do too well in these last few months in posting pictures. I honestly never stopped snapping though! There were very few days in the last few months that I didn't take a picture. So over the coming days and months I will get around to posting all that I captured in this last year of my 30's. And I have decided to keep this blog active as a photo journal of sorts. I will continue to post photos that I want to share, though it won't be on a consistent schedule. I will just post when the mood moves me!

Yep, I'm behind again.....

Yeah. I know. Missed a lot of days. But...I really didn't. Sure I have been horrible about actually posting but I never stopped snappin'!!! It is late now, though. I really don't feel like posting them all right now. Here is one to hold you over......

 Happy 41st Birthday Kevin!


Bailey regularly thinks he can take on the biggest of dogs, like our neighbor's ginormous Great Dane, but heaven forbid a little house fly is buzzing around!!! Then he freaks out and wedges himself under Kevin's legs between the chair and the ottoman...and stays there even after the fly was banished from the house!


Jonathan enjoyed the cake I made for him to celebrate the first day of school coming up on Monday! He is starting SECOND grade!!!



Bailey had a teeth cleaning today. When dogs get their teeth cleaned they need to be sedated. Poor little furball was so groggy when he came home but I couldn't resist his bright green bandage on his little paw!



I was still snappin'

I'm baaaa-aaack! I do apologize for my absence. I am still having eye issues and I probably shouldn't be on the computer much or staring thru the lens much but i can't help it. So before I get back in to daily posting I thought I would make up for the past couple weeks in a big way! Get ready for lots of pics! I am just going to post them all in this one post. I may not have been online as much but I never stopped snappin'! :-)